Tuesday, September 15, 2015

In Which I Start Blogging About Life at Bryan College...

     Yep. I am now a student at Bryan College. Not Moody anymore. But Bryan. Two great schools (SO thankful for the time I had at MBI, by the way :), and I guess I was destined to spend half of my undergrad career at each one of them! I've been meaning to start blogging about it for a while now, but I'm guessing most of my readers already know how crazy and hectic and overwhelming the first few weeks at college (or at a NEW college) can be.
     Orientation (which I'm convinced is designed to overwhelm all of the incoming freshmen so that when classes start they actually don't seem too bad).
     New major (FINALLY feeling very settled in and excited about my field of study: psychology!).    
     New professors.
     New friends.
     Having a roommate for the first time (who happens to be one of my best friends in this world!).      
     Finding my way around a new campus.
     Finding a good rhythm that allows for some social life and sleep along with serious studying (I'm still in the process of this one, guys...).
     Anyway, basically my life is crazy (something I finally came to terms with this past summer), but I'm OK with that. Sometimes it's good crazy, sometimes bad crazy, and sometimes just plain confusing crazy. Thankfully, I seem to bee in a "good crazy" stage right now :)
     Yikes! I just realized how many parenthesis I used in this post so far! Oh well. I'm just trying to fit a lot of information in a little space I suppose. I shall resist making this post a mile long and including EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. I can already hear the collective sigh of relief from my readers ;) But before I sign off, here are some of the major elements of my week here at Bryan!
  • Classes. I'm currently taking Critical Survey of Worldviews, Christian Life Formation, Concepts of Physical Fitness, Social Psychology, History and Systems of Psychology, and Research Design and Methodology.
  • Women's Chorus. I wanted to be part of this choir from the start, but almost didn't get to participate because of a schedule conflict. But God worked that out for me unexpectedly!
  • Children's Ministry. Since I'm going to school in my hometown, I'm able to keep helping out at a local children's Bible club I've been a part of for the past three years. One of the highlights of my week :)
  • Spending Time With Family and Friends. New friends, old friends, and my wonderful family! I'm only thirty minutes from my home (which is awesome), and my brother and his girlfriend are right here on campus!
  • Walking. Walking to classes. Walking to chapel. Walking to the cafeteria. Walking to the dorm. Walking to the parking lots across campus. Walking BACK to class... basically I feel like a member of the Fellowship of the Ring.
  • Spending Time With God. Guys, it would be a lie to say it's easy to keep up with personal devotions at college. It's not. But it is so important! No, I have not been super faithful about spending time with God, but I have been more motivated since discovering shereadstruth.com. I would suggest it for all women, but especially college students. Just go look it up :)
And that's a wrap!
I hope to be posting on here again by next week. Hopefully with pictures! 


  1. I enjoy reading all your thoughts concerning one crazy life!

  2. I enjoy reading all your thoughts concerning one crazy life!

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