Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Greetings from Nashville!

     Yep, I am currently in Nashville, which happens to be one of my favorite cities!
     Why am I in Nashville in the heat of the semester, you ask? Well, there is a national psychology conference going on this week (American Association of Christian Counselors or AACC) that us psychology majors were encouraged to go to... and I decided to go!
     Tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday, I will be at the conference attending lots of sessions (some of the sessions will include all 7,000 attendees, and some elective smaller sessions) and enjoying my time at the Opryland Hotel. I was able to ride up with a couple of friends, and am staying at a friends house!
     This shall be an adventure...
Random selfie as we left campus...
     Here's a short rundown of what else has been going on this past week!
  • Getting over a cold. Yeah. No fun. But when living on a campus with several hundred other people, its pretty much inevitable, no matter HOW much vitamin C you take!
  • Reading The Hound of the Baskervilles. Because one can't read scholarly stuff all the time, can they? A girl's gotta have her chocolate and Sherlock Holmes. Just sayin'.
  • Doing schoolwork. And more schoolwork. And MORE schoolwork! Yes, I am definitely in the thick of the semester. On the plus side, two big exams are DONE!!!
  • Getting ready for our first women's choir performance. Coming up a week from Sunday! Yikes...
  • And coming up to Nashville!
Here's the website of the conference I'm going to, for those who are interested:

Stay tuned for an update this weekend!

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  1. G'day!
    I found your blog through my good friend Beth's friend Karis's :D
    Great post I love Sherlock Holmes too! :-)