Wednesday, September 30, 2015

AACC World Conference 2015: A Brief Recap

     Thanks to all the people who read my post last week! If you read it, you will know that I spent several days in Nashville at a Christian Psychology conference, the "AACC" to be exact. AACC stands for the "American Association of Christian Counselors," and it is basically THE biggest conference for Christian psychologists - in the world I believe! Anyway, it was a WONDERFUL opportunity to get to go! So here goes a short recap, along with several pictures...
The theme of the conference was "Be Strong," and it featured several great plenary speakers including (but not limited to) Mike Huckabee,  Ed Stetzer, and Joni Eareckson Tada.
During some sessions, the auditorium was packed with something like 7,000 people!
I just felt so "official" at this conference, being one of only a few undergrads there (relatively speaking). I'm used to people thinking I'm in high school. I'm NOT used to people thinking that I'm a grad student or professional counselor! Just goes to show that people's perceptions depend a lot on the situation (Social Psyc. in action, guys!).
My fellow Bryan students and I had a great time hanging out together in the amazing Opryland Hotel!
Yes. When I say "amazing," I mean AMAZING! This is all INSIDE the hotel! Along with the huge exhibit hall (where I collected tons of freebies!) and auditorium, there were lots and lots and lots of smaller conference rooms where we went to our individually-chosen tracks. I chose a couple sessions on play therapy, one on addiction, one that evaluated Christian counseling in general, one on single women, and one on "reclaiming conversation in a digital world." The last was probably my favorite just because it was SO applicable!
It was truly awesome to get to know my classmates and professors better during this conference :)

That's last week in a nutshell! But FYI, I was mostly recapping the high points of the conference. There were also things I didn't like or didn't agree with, and being around so many people for such and extended period of time was emotionally and physically taxing. But I am SO thankful I had this opportunity! And who knows? Maybe I'll go back as a grad student in a couple of years...


P.S. - Keep an eye out for "spirit week" costume pix this weekend!

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