Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Photoshoot With the Brother

     I have someone I'd like to thank for the most recent photos I've posted on my blog (including the new title photo)... my brother, Caleb. Big shout out to him, and not just for the pictures! I love my brother, and can honestly say that he's always been one of my best friends :)
     Anyway. I thought I'd share a few more photos from that shoot on here! I'm in the process (the early brainstorming stages) of a couple more extensive posts (one with some of my artwork, one on being an introvert, and one on a certain popular book series I've just now got around to reading... we'll see if I find time before college starts in just 10 short days!), but enjoy these photos in the meantime!
Here's the guy who went along with my whim... "let's go do a photoshoot!"
The Guitarist

After a bit of editing...
And now for the ones Caleb took. This one is in need of some Photoshop magic for one very obvious reason: I forgot to take the lens cap off of my old film camera!
The lens cap is (thankfully) less noticeable here :)
I like the lighting on this one.
And lets finish off with some more cool perspective!

     Well, I guess it's obvious, but photography is one of my hobbies :) Along with playing the piano, reading books, drawing, listening to music, eating chocolate, and watching movies! Well, hopefully this weekend I'll get my next post up. Have a wonderful week!



  1. Love the guy, the girl and the photo shoot pics!

  2. Love the guy, the girl and the photo shoot pics!