Monday, August 5, 2013

Above the clouds (no matter how thick and dark),
The sky is always blue.

Whether or not I can see them,
The stars are always shining.

Above my circumstances (no matter how dark they seem),
Whether or not I FEEL His love and presence,
God is ALWAYS God.
He is ALWAYS good.
Through all the ages of eternity.

From the runway, the day looked bleak. Drizzly and overcast...I find that type of day sort of depressing. I was on my way to Chicago, my first time flying by myself, for college orientation at Moody Bible Institute. (I'll be doing my first year online, and we'll see what happens after that :)). Well, once the 737 broke the clouds, the day looked anything BUT bleak and depressing! From my excellent window seat vantage point, I could count several layers of clouds, each unique and beautiful. I love flying. Of course I couldn't resist taking tons of photos! That glorious view from above the dark clouds inspired me to write in my journal, expressing my thanks to God for His unchanging, unfailing goodness, no matter what the weather looks like from the ground.

I have to be honest, this past year hasn't been the greatest for me, but I'm finally starting to see how God's been "working everything together for good" behind the scenes, or should I say, above the clouds :) 

Working as a counselor at Cumberland Springs Bible Camp (something I felt totally inadequate to do, but God proved faithful) and spending that week in Chicago in preparation for this year of college....both of those things have made this summer quite possibly the best summer ever! No. GOD has made this summer the best summer ever, and I am SOOOO thankful for His goodness and love!

Here are a few random photos from Chicago:
FYOP (First Year Online Program) Students

A view of Chicago from the dorm roof

Sporting our new Moody sweatshirts

Genuine Chicago Pizza


  1. Wow, love the analogy of God working above the clouds. And love the pictures! :)

  2. I love it as well, AnElvenPrincess!