Monday, October 27, 2014

A Short Update

     This past week has been very eventful, including (but not limited to) taking calls for a radio event (2 hours of feeling very professional + a free t-shirt = score!), going out to Union Station to serve and pray with the homeless (probably going back tomorrow), having Miss United States as a special guest at the place I tutor, exploring yet another new neighborhood in Chicago (the one I've been going to church in the past 4 weeks), preparing for my first speech (which is tomorrow!), and getting the awesome, God-planned opportunity to witness to 2 different people on the "L"! The last thing I totally credit to the Holy Spirit, because I was terrified and would not have spoken up if it wasn't for His strength and prompting. I love talking about Jesus, but starting conversations with strangers does not come easily for me...  I thank Him for using my friends and I to plant seeds despite our apprehensions :)
     Those were some of the highlights... there were also definite down points, but I don't feel like writing about them right now, so I won't!
     OK, so I guess this is about as good as this post is gonna get, because I'm sitting here getting sleepier and sleepier... There is so much I want to write about, and I have a couple of posts started that I really want to finish, but it'll just have to wait.
      To my friends and family back in Tennessee, my project of building a teleporter has met with some unexpected delays, hopefully soon to be remedied... If worse comes to worse, there are only 52 days until Christmas break! But who's counting? ;)

Random Quote of the Day:
     [In John 21:22] "Jesus is explaining that when He calls you for a specific purpose, you don't have  to worry about what anyone else is doing. Don't begin listening to the lies of the evil one that you should be vitally interested in what is being said about you. Do not even start down the path of worrying about what anybody else is doing in their ministry. Jesus is saying, 'I am your God! I am your Savior! I am your Creator! I am bigger than any Devil who suggests that his word is more profound and truthful than mine! My child, simply keep your eyes on my perfect and loving will for your life." ~Ben Gutierrez and Dave Earley, p. 251 (in Ministry Is..., published by B&H, 2010)

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