Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dreaming of a Cosplay...

     I love dressing up. Always have. In fact, my hope chest is full of random costumes instead of keepsakes for my future life. So going to the first two Hobbit premieres in costume was right down my alley! And as long as my school schedule has me home for Christmas break by the 17th of December this year, I will be going to the final midnight premiere along with my awesome cosplaying friends!
      Here we are at the first movie:
     And after the second:
      For the third, I'll more than likely borrow one of my friends' old costumes (notice that's what I did for the second one) because I'm just not much of a seamstress :) But... I like drawing, and I like dreaming, so I sketched out some quick designs yesterday of a dress I would like to make if I could actually convince myself to start sewing (which is super-unlikely, by the way). The basic design is practically identical to the blue elvish dress seen above. Then I came up with three variations based off of Eowyn's white dress in LOTR, and Aurora's dresses in Maleficent (the designs are very similar). Note: these sketches were thrown together in about 30 min., and the variations were simply drawn on top of copies of the basic drawing... so excuse any imperfections :)

Let me know which one is your favorite!

COMING SOON: A post on my upcoming mission trip to Peru! (Which I'm getting super-stoked about!!!)


  1. Ahhhh AUJ and DOS... won't it be too fun when we have a BOFA pic too? ^_^

    And yep -- loooove the third dress idea! It would be all kinds of cool if you could make it... :D

  2. Amber, I cannot decide! I like the last one possibly best, but the third is kinda different, so....And did I not hear "someone" murmur, "Gonna get Bethie to sew this for me"! :)

  3. Actually I meant I like the 2nd one best, because of the full sleeves, but the 3rd is kinda different, so like it too. Got order mixed up. :)