Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Prayer for 2012

Dear Heavenly Father,
     Thank You for a wonderful start to this new year. 
     Thank You for birthdays, and for my "little" brother's birthday coming up this Wednesday. It's hard for me to believe he'll be 16! Boy, how time flies! 
     Thank you for our pets, especially Clarabelle, who still acts like a kitten, even though she's about 13 years old. :) 
     Thank You for my family, and the wonderful memories we've made this year, though it's only just begun.      
     Thank You for the little bit of snow we got the other day, it was beautiful!
     Please help me as I get ready to start college in just a few months. I need to finish my application, please give me the motivation to finish that essay! :) You know I don't like writing, but it's something I have to do...
     Bless my family, and my friends, and may this year be better than any before it!
     More than anything, please use me in 2012 to share Your love with people who don't know You.
     I love You.
Your Friend,

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